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Innovation in medical check ups

We bring evolution to health centers through the incorporation of Internet of Things for the patients' measurements.

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It measures body temperature

We created a device capable of measuring

4 vital parameters


One device, many uses

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Keeping track in health centers

The doctor keeps track of several patients through the same device, following the patients' evolution in an updated and interactive database.

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Outpatient tracking

The patient can do its own check ups at home guided by an app. The doctor in charge can access these results through the system database.

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Pulse Oximeter

It measures cardiovascular frequency and blood oxygenation



It registers pulmonary auscultation


Centralized monitoring

A web platform centralizes the results of the measurements.

This includes:

· Patient evolution

· Medical directory

· Devices tracking

All patient information
in just one place

A product designed to back up the health system using innovative technologies.

Our proposal for the Covid19

We presented a project with the purpose of protecting medical staff from getting infected and also preventing saturation of the public health system.

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Who are we?

A multidisciplinary team

Our technological company specializes in the digitalization of variables. We design and develop smart solutions for different industries.

IoT leaders

As the main referents in the Internet of Things industry, we are endorsed by these organizations.

Working with us

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