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Health tecnology 

for home symptom tracking


Heart rate




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Integration to Argentinas public healthcare

Our mission

Enabling a remote and digital tracking of patients recovering at home, it is possible to restrain the spread of COVID-19 and avoid a public-health system collapse.


How it works


Medical check

If you present symptoms, you will be tested for COVID-19 by a doctor sent to your home.

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Receive the cube

If you test positive but there is no need for hospitalization, the doctor will provide you with a MediBox by Xavia

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at home

You will use MediBox to check your symptoms supported by an app

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Videocalls with a doctor

If the results represent any risk for your health, a doctor will contact you to review your case.

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You are healthy, we pick it up

After two weeks of use, your MediBox will be picked up, so it can be used by other patients.

About MediBox

Regular checks

at home

Supported by a mobile App

It measures your body temperature, pulse, oxygen in blood and lung capacity.

It will guide you through the process and will permanently be connected to a medical system.


We are determined to support and aid the Public Health System

Avoiding the spread among the health-care workers and keeping hospitals from collapsing through a management system for patients, prioritizing cases by urgency.


Help us get support from the Ministry of Public Health

Every signature counts and helps us towards turning this project into a reality.

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We are open to chat with medical institutions

¡Gracias por tu mensaje!

Reach out and let's book a meeting

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